Akel furniture was founded in 1982 by Mustafa Dede.It has been operating as a corporate company since 1997.It is a workshop where workers meet their imagination with their craftsmanship.We are here to serve you with our professional team that teaches and relearns everyday. Our goal is to make your dreams come true with coopearation.We are here to cooperate with you with effort and Akel.We are waiting for you.


Mustafa Dede started in Istanbul in 1971 as an apprentice to the best Turkish, Armenian and Greek furniture masters of his time. He learned the job in the same place until he went to the army and founded Akel Furniture in 1982. Working with the best architects such as Turgut Cansever, it became a corporate company in 1987. He learned art and wood from the best masters and architects of the period and made many successful works and projects. Because teaching art and mastery is as important as making it, he made it his duty to tell and teach what he learned to youngers so that knowledge and art would be permanent. Akel Furniture Decoration successfully carries out the Home&Office furniture and decoration, construction of mansions and restoration of historical buildings with its experienced master staff.